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The Federal Trade Commission Is Coming Down Hard On Robocallers


The fight against spam has led to fines and bans pertaining to four separate robocalling operations by the (FTC) Federal Trade Commission. Recently, AT&T and Verizon have both finally agreed they will take action regarding the different types of spam calls. They are following in the the footsteps of T-Mobile and the fairly random attempts […]

The Top Five Higlights From MWC 2019


Every year, a lot of enthusiasts and the biggest names of the mobile phone industry gathers in Barcelona for the GSMA Mobile World Congress. This is a great venue for enthusiasts to know what new technology innovation was made. Phone manufacturers get a chance to showcase their newest innovation and get initial reactions before the […]

CES Las Vegas – 2019


International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) showcased January 8-11, 2019 in the grandiose town of Las Vegas, Nevada, at the World Trade Center. World’s largest and most prominent technology exhibition, CES has been displaying its wares for 52 years to professionals of the electronics trade. Sponsored by CTA (Consumer Technology Association) this monumental event displays science […]

Samsung Developers Conference 2018 – A Brief Overview


The 2018 Samsung Developer conference is over – but it was an amazing ride. This year there were over 5,000 people attending the conference. They worked in 60 group-oriented technical sessions, visited and staffed 35 booths, and built connections in one of Samsung’s yearly showcase events for digital developers. The conference was held in San […]

Apple’s newest releases – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR


When Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple Computer, the Macintosh, there were more people against it than for it. It was slow, the graphics were bad, and it cost people more than a car. Fast forward to today, and Steve Job remains one of the most influential people in history, with his Apple company being […]

The IFA Berlin 2018 Exhibition shows the Future of Technology


The IFA Berlin 2010 exhibition had many Innovative devices that will change the lifestyles of many individuals due to these latest developments. One of these many features is the future of mobility, robotics, voice commands, digital translators, ultra-fast mobile networks, and things that just make your life healthier. At the exhibition there was a lecture […]

Planned Merger of T-Mobile & Sprint


T-Mobile and Sprint plan to merge together in a $26 billion dollar agreement. The CEO of T-Mobile John Legere took to Twitter, announced the deal and made a video with Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure to reveal some details of the agreement. The merger will add a total customer base of 126 million, which will rival […]

The Fantastic New Features Presented At The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Apple has concentrated on the little things during the conference. They have revealed numerous additions and tweaks to provide a better experience and polish the Apple products. Improvements to Siri and Apple Watch have been revealed. The mobile software is more responsive and faster. One of the highlights included teasers […]

The Top 10 Financial Scams of 2017


Unfortunately everyone falls victim to some sort of scam in the course of their life. Some of us fall for them more often than others. It is this latter part of the consumer marketplace that unscrupulous con artists depend on for their criminal endeavors. Every year the Better Business Bureau tracks current trends in scams […]

Google I/O 2018: Big Changes Coming


The must attend event of the year, Google I/O was held just a few days ago in Mountain View, Ca. Developers the world over made the annual pilgrimage to talk with Google experts. The latest and greatest products are on display for everyone to play with. “Make Good Things Better” The focus of this year’s […]

What To Expect From iOS 12


As an Apple consumer, you may just wonder what the iOS 12 update has in store for you. Currently, the new update is still being worked on at Apple’s headquarters. The update is expected to cover the iPhone, iPad, as well as the iPod Touch. Its codename is Peace, and while Apple is remaining tight-lipped […]

Android P (9) 2018 : When, Where, And How


Android P or 9, the ninth version of the Android OS, is set to release this upcoming August 2018. A lot of rumors are still circulating the official name for new OS device. Previously, Google has been known for naming its platforms after sweet treats or foods, like last year’s Android Oreo, so this year […]

Crisis Response and the Future: How New 911 Technology Could Save Lives


In movies and television, whenever a character calls 911 a dramatic and familiar scene plays out. The caller pleads into the phone just before they drop the device from their hand, unable to finish the call, yet a team of emergency responders still manages to arrive to the scene within minutes. In reality, the sequence […]

2018 telecommunication changes and growth


In 2018, many massive changes will take place in the telephone industry. Service is largely dependent on your phone carrier, and whether you rely on traditional phone carriers or voip access, there are many big changes in 2018. The primary carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and CenturyLink, are all under the traditional banner and continue to be […]

Expectations for the Year 2018


The telephony industry in 2018 will make changes for the better of everyone across the world. Some groups might be talking about disaster because of new laws that have hit the books. Others know that it’s going to get way better. This is how and why. Changes in Providers The global telecommunications system is looking […]

2017 Sees A Sharp Spike In Unsolicited Calls


The fiscal year 2017 (ended September 30,2017) proved to be a busy year for potential scammers, robocalls, and telemarketers alike. Let’s take a moment and have a look at some pretty remarkable figures that come directly from the official “Do Not Call Website”. As aggravating, and often times alarming, as these calls are it […]