iPhone tips and tricks – Part 1

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pic magazine 6938 Getting the most out of your iPhone requires a bit of wisdom and quick thinking. You need to use your iPhone for more than social media. This phone can do many things for you that help you get through the day in one piece, and you should deploy each of these techniques as soon as possible so that you can live a much more efficient lifestyle. Start with a way to skip phone calls and give the caller information they need.

1. Custom Messages For Missed Calls

Custom messages for missed calls can be chosen when you are declining the call. There is a button where you can choose to send back a text, and you can create a default message that goes out to the caller. They know that you will call them right back, later, or that they need to contact someone else for information. These messages could be used on your vacations, or they could be used when you are in meetings with clients.

2. Group FaceTime Chats

Group FaceTime chats are perfect for your company if you have people working from different remote locations. You should get everyone on a conference call on FaceTime so you can all see each other. The FaceTime chats allow you to have live meetings, and you will get to see the facial expressions of your workers. You could do the same thing when you are making plans with friends, or you might use these chats to talk to vendors for an event you are planning.

3. Remind Me Later For Calls

The Remind Me Later feature for calling is important because ti lets you know that you need to call someone back. You can set the reminder for any time, and your phone will alert you when it is time to call back. The notifications will come through no matter what you are doing, and you can change the time once again if you need extra time to make the call.

4. Custom Ringtones And Alert Tones

Custom ringtones and alert tones can be made with any audio file that you have in your iCloud. You can trim these tones to any size that you like, and you must be certain that you make set them for particular instances. You can change your text tone, alter tone, ringtone, or the notification for any app.

5. Shake To Undo

The shake to undo feature is perfect for anyone who is creating tasks, opening webpages, or does not have the facility to hit the delete button while typing. You can shake the phone to undo anything that you have done, and you could speed up any small task that requires your phone. You must learn how to shake the phone so that it will do what you want before using this feature regularly.

The iPhone that you purchased should be used to its fullest capacity with all the tips above. Your phone can become your lifeline when it is so easy to manage.