The Snapchat App and the People that Utilize It

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pic magazine 6534 Snapchat is a social media app that has given more people an outlet for sharing their personal videos. The thing that has made Snapchat such a popular hit is that the messages that are sent will disappear after you send these messages if this is your preference.

Data Protection

People that utilize Snapchat can set up their messages where the messages will not be deleted from the previous day, but this is what Snapchat uses as a protective measure for your data. Anyone that gets their phone stolen would not have to worry about their message history because the default is set up to erase these messages after the chat ends. The same thing is possible for the videos that people post. This is a greater level of privacy, and that is why many people post things on Snapchat that they may not share on Facebook or Instagram. People that want to share their day of videos without having a video posted that someone can save will utilize Snapchat. The extra added measure of security is linked to the fact that it is only in app format. If you do not have a phone you cannot utilize Snapchat. This is what makes it even more secure for those that are worried about someone trying to save their videos.

User Base Statistics

Typically, Snapchat is something that is utilized by women. More than 70% of the users for this app are women. There are more than 200 million Snapchat users, and close to 90 million of these are American users. There are another 57 million users that are utilizing Snapchat in Europe. This is below the 2 billion Facebook accounts that are found in social media for users worldwide.

Snapchat vs. Other Social Media Outlets

People that utilize various social media apps will notice that there are different features available for different apps. There are applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger that allow people to chat and also make video calls. This is not a feature for Snapchat, but the thing that separates Snapchat is the videos that can be viewed along with the Snapchat stories. In recent months Facebook has also incorporated a storyline that people can utilize, and this is something that was borrowed from Snapchat.

Snapchat Filters

Another thing that has Snapchat apart from the other social media apps is the number of filters that are available for pictures. Many people will use rabbit ears and dog nose filters to create photos. There are also photo opportunities where people can utilize a fake tongue roll or glasses for videos. This is typically a signature concept that allows people to recognize this instantly as a Snapchat filter.

Snapchat Growth with Millennials

Snapchat gained fame easily by becoming something that celebrities like Kylie Jenner started to utilize. This would play an important part in introducing Snapchat to an audience of women. A large part of the user base for Snapchat is comprised of millennials and young adults under the age of 34.