Switching From iOS to Android – Good to Know

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Switching from iOS to Android

It is not difficult to switch from iOS to Android. You can replace a lot of apps and even bring your music from Apple to Android. All the details are described below.

Using Google Drive

Google Drive enables the user to transfer the camera roll, calendar and contacts from iOS to Android. Launch the app then open Settings. Find the section labeled Backup. Select the drive for backup and make certain the phone is charging. If possible connect to Wi-Fi. Use the Google account to sign into Android so everything will be transferred.

Converting Contacts

The calendar and contacts can be manually updated. The approach between Google and Apple is similar but Google uses Google and Apple used iCloud. Make certain the iCloud sync is enabled. This is located under settings and the Reminders, Calendars and Contacts must be checked. The phone will need a few minutes to sync. Log into iCloud.com with the user ID for Apple on a Mac or PC computer. Select on contacts. Look in the lower left for the gear icon and choose Select All then Export Card. This will place all contact information into a single .vcf file. Use the computer to log into Gmail. At the top left is a drop down. This must be changed to Contacts from Gmail. In the left hand sidebar select Import Contacts. After the redesign choose Import contacts again. Select the new .vcf file and the contacts will be added. To handle any duplicates go to the toolbar and click More. Choose Find & Merge Duplicates. The top of the sidebar has the Duplicates option.

The Apps

The apps cannot be switched. The options are to purchase the app again or find an alternative. The Google Play Store offers a lot of good apps. Find the best ones and download all of them.

The Music.

There are three types of music. Music in the cloud, music on the device and subscribed music. Android versions are available for Spotify and Apple Music. If the music was placed in the cloud with iTunes Match it is accessible using the Apple Music app. A good idea is downloading the cloud music to a Mac or PC then transferring the music with the entire library. The best way is from computer to phone. The default location for the library for Windows is My Music, iTunes and OS X is Music, iTunes. The library can be copied and pasted or dragged and dropped using Windows Explorer into the phone. This cannot be done with a Mac because the is required.

The Calendar and Photos

Google Photos must be downloaded onto the iPhone and connected to the Google account. Answer yes when asked if all photos should be backed up to the cloud. For the calendar use Smooth Sync for Android for a small fee or synchronize the iPhone calendar in Settings with Google. Once all of this has been accomplished the Android phone will have all the desired data and is ready to use. Read more about: Tips to Improve the Privacy and Security of Your Android Device