iPhone tips and tricks – Part 3

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pic magazine 6950 Apple's current version of its iPhone operating system is iOS 12, which was introduced during the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 4, 2018. Apple has been actively improving its apps and services inside its operating system. In this article, five of its favorite and useful apps features, as well as ways turn them on or off will be discussed.

1. Searching music by lyrics

Music lovers, especially those who listen to a lot of songs and artists, as well as different kind of genres, will find themselves sometimes looking for a song titled that managed to slip in their minds. Thankfully, folks at Apple developed a feature where someone can just type in a part of the lyrics and to know the song. To use this feature, just fire up Apple Music and go to the Search Bar. In the search bar, type the lyrics or a few words that you remember in the song. The result will then be displayed on your phone screens.

2. Make the LED flash blink for alerts

There are times when vibration or full-volume alerts are not suitable for the situation. Fortunately, iPhones now have the function to send visual cues to their owners when there is an incoming form via the LED in the back of the device. This feature can be activated via going to the Settings. In the next screen, tap the Accessibility item, which will then show a screen for LED Flash for Alerts. Just turn the item from Off to On.

3. Turn off messages previews

Message previews are one of the weakest links in a phone. A random stranger can see t text messages just by picking a random iPhone. Since data can be used in a lot of things these days, people are more conscious of their information more than ever. To turn off message preview in an iPhone device, navigate to Settings. Select the Notification Panel and navigate to the Messages tab. Look for the Show Previews tab and turn it off.

4. The iPhone AR Ruler

Augmented Reality prooved its uses in a lot of industries, including medical training, design and modeling, repair and maintenance, and classroom education. Because of this, Apple decided to make an AR ruler app for measuring real-life objects. It also measures distance, dimensions, angle, and trajectory. To enable this feature, a user will have to install an app called the MeasureKit from the App Store. However, to be able to take advantage of its features, the device should have at least iOS 11 installed.

5. Do not disturb feature

There are activities where people need to get away from their phones. Examples of these are meetings, driving, dinner, or during a class. When using an iPhone, the user can turn the Do Not Disturb feature to avoid disturbances from the phone. A shortcut can be used using the crescent moon button in the status bar. There are options for the time of its effectivity such as one hour, tomorrow morning, etc. A more customized menu for this feature is found on Settings > Do Not Disturb. The time can be set manually in this method.