iPhone tips and tricks – Part 2

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1. Navigating back to the Top of the Screen

In order to jump back to the top of a web page, simply tap the top of the iPhone screen. This will scroll all the way to the beginning of the page. This is especially useful after spending a long time casually scrolling through your phone. This feature is included in other iOS devices including the iPod touch, and iPads.

2. Portrait Lighting

The iPhone 7 Plus and newer models use portrait lighting, which allows you to create more aesthetic photos. To access portrait mode, open the iPhone camera and swipe to the portrait camera view. To get the best image, you will want to position yourself no more than two meters. The background should be far away compared to the object of interest. The f-stop, which is the ratio between the focal length and the lens diameter can be changed to adjust background blur. You want to make sure make sure that you take the picture in good lighting. Artificial lighting tends to be harsher and distort the hues of the photo. Instead, use natural lighting for better results. A good time to take a portrait photo is early in the morning when the sun is out. The portrait lighting can also be changed to further enhance the photo. The composition should be simple. A complicated background will not blur as well as a simple one. Be sure to stay still while taking the photo. This will reduce any blur artifacts and give you a sharp contrast between the object of interest and the background.

3. Use Your Headphones to Take a Selfie

You can take a selfie by pressing the volume button on your headphones. This is an excellent solution for camera shakiness. Depending on your iPhone settings, you can set the photo to be taken immediately or you can set a countdown.

4. Make an iPhone safe for kids

Most kids nowadays have access to phones. To make an iPhone more kid-friendly, enable restrictions. This feature can be found by going to settings, followed by the general tab. You can decide which apps are restricted by setting a password. If there is browsing or history data that you believe is not suitable for kids, you can go into your phone’s settings to pause or delete browsing history. Making a separate account is a good way to make your phone more kid-proof. You can do this by creating an iCloud account under the sharing option in the settings tab.

5. Stop Music with a Timer

To stop playing music with a timer, go to the clock app, then go to the timer. Tap on “When Timer Ends” and scroll to the bottom and select “Stop Playing”. Then tap “Set”. Set the time and tap start. The timer will stop any application on playing your phone, including music. This is good for people to want to listen to music right before bed. You won’t have to worry about falling asleep with music on.