How to Select a Mobile Data Plan

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pic magazine 6474 If you are a person who uses a cell phone, particularly a smart phone, then you are definitely familiar with 'cellular data.' Data is what keeps you connected to your friends, family, the outside world, and the internet. Companies offer many different plans, gigabytes, and deals, but how exactly do you figure out what is right for you and your family?

Monitor Your Data Usage:

If you are trying to decide whether you need to upgrade or downgrade your cellular data plan, take a month to monitor your usage. Figure out which apps you and those on your plan use the most. If you aren't a person who uses many apps, but you use Apple and iMessage, figure out how much data your messaging programs use per month.

Decide if You're a Streamer:

Many companies offer deals based on whether or not you enjoy streaming content on the Internet. 'Streaming' simply means that you watch a prerecorded or live video feed, such as YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu, on your phone data instead of just while connected to WiFi. If you and your family discover that you're on a three gigabyte plan but love to watch Netflix in the car, many companies encourage upward of five gigabytes, or an Unlimited Plan. Companies like Sprint and AT&T offer different styles of Unlimited Plans for people who stream a lot by providing either their own or another streaming service at no additional cost.

Contact a Company to Find Out What's Available:

The very best way to make the decision and change your cellular data plan is to speak with someone who understands it on a higher level than you. Do not be afraid to reach out and call a company to ask about your usage. Most companies keep records regarding data usage, and will be happy to provide you with device specific information. They will also be able to break down your usage by date, and recommend plans based on the information that you give them about what you enjoy using your mobile device to do.

Ask About Prices and Promotions:

Companies also run promotional periods where data plans are discounted. During your conversation with a company account representative remember to ask about deals. If you have a family plan and share your data between devices, find out if an Unlimited Plan is worth all of the hype. If it is just you and you only stream music and use a GPS from time to time, ask about their median data plans. Discuss prices, prorated charges that might occur when you change the plan, and if you can return to the old plan if this new one just isn't for you. Always remember to keep yourself well informed about your data usage across applications, and about company deals regarding cellular data. This can help you avoid unwanted charges and fees, and allow for you to enjoy you cell phone provider and service a lot more. Read more about Comparing Phone Providers is Easier and More Important Than Ever.