How to protect your mobile phone from tracking?

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pic magazine 6966 Tracking someone's location use to consist of a person actually having to leave their home, and physically driving around or walking and secretly following a person. The world we live in today and the advancement of technology, that is certainly a thing of the past. Just about every person walking this planet, carries a device on their person that allows their every move to be pinpointed, and it's probably no given much thought about. The device is your cell phone. Who'd know something many consider a lifeline, could allow anyone with intentions of knowing your every move, the ability to do so?

Tracking your location via cell phone can be quite easy actually, as there are a few ways to do so. The use of wireless signals to triangulate your position between cell towers, GPS radio, or being connected to Wi-Fi hot spot are a few ways that could allow someone to track your every move at any given time. There are ways that you can make sure your location is private and give you a little ease about the thought of someone secretly tracking your location.
  1. Turn your phone on airplane mode disables both your cell radios and also the Wi-Fi radio so neither can connect to their networks.
  2. Disable your GPS radio, by turning off your phones location feature. It prevents GPS from being active.
  3. For Apple iPhone or iPad, you may go to your phone's settings and select Privacy; you will then select Location Services. There will be a string of apps that use location services and you can disable them by moving the slider at the top or disable specific apps, you decide. Android users may open the app drawer, and go to Settings and select Location. Enter Google Location Settings, and turn off Location Reporting and Location History.
  4. Shutting down your phone completely and removing the battery is the easiest way possible to ensure your location is safe from those seeking to find you. The downside of doing this is you cannot use your phone at all for anything.
The safest thing you can do if you feel you are being tracked by someone illegally or with malicious intents of doing so, is to contact the authorities and report your suspicions. You do not want to be out enjoying what you believe is a lovely day, then become victim to someone meaning to cause you harm in some way or another. It's better to be safe than sorry!