Frequently Asked Questions

Why registration?

Of course, you can also use our site without registering. But as a registered user you will benefit from all the features of our website without any restrictions – for free! All you need is an email address, to register for free. After you have assigned a username and password, you can edit your profile. Only if you are logged in, you will see the full name and address in the search results. You can also use the address book and save information as vCards. Click here to register now!

How to register on

Choose a username, a password and enter your email address. Then click on „Register now for free“. You will receive an email from us. Please click on the link to confirm your email address. This will activate your account.

Alternatively, sign in with your Facebook or Google account. The registration is even faster and you don’t need to remember a new password. Your profile picture will also be transferred and added automatically.

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Can I use without others seeing my comments and data?

We support you if you are concerned about your privacy:
You can hide your given comments, your searches, your visits on phone number pages and your personal phone numbers on – just edit your profile!

How can I delete my data?

To delete the entry with your name and address, click on the button del name next to the Caller-ID. Fill in the form completely and click on „send“. Your request will be processed as soon as possible. Depending on the amount of work, this may take several days.
We value your reputation and privacy. If false and negative comments are posted on our website about your telephone number, you can contact us at any time and request a deletion.

How can I delete my account?

Open your profile and below you can see the button „Delete Account“. Click on it and you will read „You have received an email with a link to delete your account.“ Open your email program and click on the link to permanently delete your account.

How does the address book work?

If you are logged in, you also have the possibility to save entries in your address book. Search for a name or phone number. Then just click on the icon save in address book next to the bookmark. Or use the button „save“ next to the Caller ID information. How to download the information as a vCard, read here. Your entire address book will be displayed in your profile.

How do the bookmarks work?

Click on this icon no bookmarks to bookmark the page. You don’t have to be logged in or registered to use bookmarks. An overview of the bookmarks can be seen on the home page or in your profile (if you are logged in).

How can I download vCards?

Log in to see the complete name and address and to download the vCard. Search for a name or phone number. Use the button vcard next to the Caller ID information. The download starts automatically.
vCards are electronic business cards and they provide the opportunity to add data easily to your address book, personal information manager or e-mail program. vCards can be sent quickly and without any problems as an e-mail attachment or QR-Code link. Smartphones can use vCards as well to process and save address and contact information data.

How can I send Text Messages?

We offer you the possibility to send text messages within the USA and Canada for free. For this you have to be logged in. Enter the recipient’s phone number and write the desired message. Then click on „Send“.

How can I contact

You can send us an email or use the online contact form. If you have any questions or other concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time.