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Avoid being scammed on the phone

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Author: WTF said 1 hours ago
ID: # 117620
»Got a voicemail from someone speaking that Ching Chang Chong talk. The Slants are making their move.«
Author: Paul said 3 hours ago
ID: # 117619
»Unsafe number they say they wrap your vehicle for red bull this is a scam.«
Author: Marie said 3 hours ago
ID: # 117618
»Dating website troll, managed to scam me out of my life savings«
Author: happy singh said 4 hours ago
ID: # 117617
»hii «
Author: happy singh said 4 hours ago
ID: # 117616
»hii «
Author: CO said 4 hours ago
ID: # 117615
»845-444-8784 left a robotic voicemail threatening termination of something if I didn´t call them back and provide them the last 4 of my SSN, then they threatened the issue of an arrest warrant. «

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